Here you will find my collections of Rush ROIOīs and some other ROIO stuff.

All Shows on this site are for trading only.
None of them are for sale!!!

I am always looking for new boots to increase up my collection.
If you find something here you donīt have or if you have something I donīt have
feel free to contact me.

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Looking for Rush, Blackmore's Night, Fields of the Nephilim, Edenbridge, Fish & Mike Oldfield


New shows in my collection since the last update:



Enochian Theorie
2012-07-07 Night of the Prog VII - Lorely 1CD Aud A-


2012-03-29 Karlsruhe - 1CD Aud A-

Fields of the Nephilim:
2012-10-27 Dresden - 2CD Aud A-


1981-10-11 Tokio - 1CD FM Broadcast A+
1987-04-10 Brookville - 2CD Aud A-/A
1990-04-15 Ann Arbor - 2CD Aud A-


2011-05-25 London - 2DVD Aud A-
2012-09-07 A Comedy Of Errors - Manchester 3CD Aud A/A+
2012-09-09 Celestial Machinery - Bristow 3CD Aud A-
2012-09-15 Chicago Angels - Chicago 3CD Aud A-/A
2012-09-20 In The Fullness Of Columbus - Columbus 3CD Aud B+/A-
2012-10-12 Under The Gaze Of Angels - Philadelphia 3CD Aud A-/A
2012-10-24 Beantown Wreckers - Boston 3CD Aud A-/B+
2013-06-02 Amsterdam - 3CD Aud A-/A (dorenberg)

Paradise Lost:
2012-09-16 St. Paul - 1CD Aud A-/B+

2012-03-29 Karlsruhe - 1CD Aud A-/B+


2012-09-13 The Lense Inside Of Indie - Indianapolis 3DVD Aud A
2012-09-13 Live It All Again - Indianapolis 3CD Aud A-/B+
2012-10-12 Under The Gaze Of The Angels - Philadelphia - 3CD Aud A/A+
2012-10-12 Screen Shot DVD - Philadelphia - 1DVD Aud A (tapehead2)
2012-10-12 Philadelphia - 3DVD Aud A/A+ (Tapehead2)

2012-10-12 Newark - 3CD Aud A- (DPA-4060 capsules)
2012-10-22 Brooklin - 1DVD Aud A (Tapehead2)
2012-10-24 Beantown Wreckers - Boston 3CD Aud A
2012-10-26 Buffalo - 3CD Aud B+/A- (Sunboy)
2012-10-30 Mischief Night With Carnies - 3DVD Aud A
2012-11-01 As If To Fly - Atlanta 3CD Aud A
2012-11-17 Anaheim - 3CD Aud A (lvrwm)
2012-11-19 Clockwork Angeles - Los Angeles 3CD Aud A-